At present my cattery accomodates seven Norwegian Forest Cats. As from the day that my first Wegie was here I have entirely lost my heart to this fantastic breed. I love its splendid looks, but much more still I have become addicted to its character: sweet, affectionate, exuberant, curious and sociable!



My cattery is relatively young still, and though making plans for breeding and litters is a very pleasant passtime of course, to me the most important thing is that my cats and I have a good and pleasant life together - and as yet we seem to do quite well…!

My cats are my friends, members of my household and very pleasant company in the first place. Their health and happiness come first. That is why my cattery-plans regarding kittens are modest: no more than one or two litters in a year.



Fee, Flori, Eline, Irina, Alya, Rembrandt and Esmoreit have the entire house at their disposal and are well-equipped with two large cat-trees, 5-star-food-and-flowing-water ☺ and lots, lots of toys. My balcony is adequately protected, so that they can have all the fresh air they want. In short, I do like to spoil and pamper them a bit!





My idea to start a cattery has originated from a many-years’-wish to experience the birth and growing-up of a litter and, on top of that (... since Flynn and Fee...), an increasing fancy (and addiction?) to this fantastic breed. Both character and appearance of these cats are merely enough reason for that, but very appealing to me also is the fact that the Norwegian Forest Cat is a truly natural breed, evolved without human intervention.



Because the Wegie is okay and perfect by itself, for me the breed standard and the character are the basis in choosing a good breeding combination; but combining healthy lines which differ enough from each other (to prevent inbreeding) is also important of course.

Breeding well requires good knowledge and I am learning more and more about heredity, sicknesses and animal care. A good thing is that some of my befriended breeders, with much more experience, are always helpful when I need their advice.