According to 'cattery-tradition’ I picked a name for my cattery from the old Nordic mythology, because with my cattery I want to ‘go for’ the traditional type of Forest Cat. But, I chose the name with my heart also: these old Norwegian myths have always appealed to my imagination, not just because of the old stories themselves about savage gods and fearless heroes, but also because Norwegian Forest Cats are in them!

Most well-known is the tale of Freija, the goddess of love and fertility: the golden chariot she drove in was being pulled by two - what else could they possibly be? - Norwegian Forest Cats.


The name 'Bragalund' comes straight from the renowned Edda, in which the Nordic mythology is described, and it is mentioned only once, as the mythical forest where one king Sigmund hunted for boars …:



"Latest of all, | the Ylfings' son
On the western sea, | if know thou wilt,
Captured bears | in Bragalund,
And fed the eagles | with edge of sword.
Now is it shown | why our shirts are bloody,
And little our food | with fire is cooked."


Poëtische Edda: Völundarkvida In Forna – Helgavida Hundingsbana II





Bragalund means ‘Forest of Bragi’. In Nordic mythology Bragi was one of the gods, the son of Odin and a giantess, called Gunlod.

Bragi was the god of poetry, eloquence and music. Compared to the other Norse gods he must have been the most civilised!

Because of his good temper and pleasant character Bragi has been one of the most popular gods; the other ones seem to have had nothing else/better to do than to quarrel and fight with each other (not so with him).




All in all I considered ‘Bragalund’ to be a very appropriate name for my cattery: the Norwegian Forest Cat origins from the dark forests of Norway; add to that the fact that these cats emerge in the Nordic myths for several times and you’ll find the name of this mythical forest making a perfect match!




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