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   I.   The pedigrees





   II.  Explanation of the pedigree project




Curious about how the ancestors of my cats would look like, a couple of months ago I did some cybersearching for photograph’s… With increasing interest, astonish-ment and admiration I found one picture after the other of, for the most part, beautiful cats! This turned out to be a very fascinating puzzle!

Gratefully using the available databases (which have been developed with lots of dedication, persistence and punctuality!), it became more and more a sport/challenge for me to trace the images of as many grandfathers and grandmothers of my cats as possible.



My ‘expedition’ led me deeper and deeper into the history of the Norwegian Forestcat, finally reaching the patriarchs and matriarchs of this splendid race: the true novices (defined as ‘FOUNDATION’ in the databases) – the genuine cats straight from the forest!

IC Josefine  - novice

NFO a 09; born 1974-12-01;

pedigreenumber NRR K 50075.

Mother of 16 kittens, which have

been bred by cattery Colosseum.




Though it has proved not so easy to find pictures of those first-generation cats, every time I succeeded in tracing one, I contently added it up to the record which I have been making for myself.



What a pleasant thing, that so many data of so many Norwegian Forest Cats have been registered! (and am I glad that I don’t breed British Shorthair or Persian cats ☺!, for in that case this project would really have been a hopeless task): with the relatively short history of the Wegie breed my idea of tracing the pedigrees of my cats right up to the very beginning appeared to be realizable enough.

And exactly that was the intention of this supersize project I have been working on for months!



Tracing those pictures, as said before, is the nicest part of this job for me: the images actually give a ‘face’ to the names on the pedigrees and, believe me, among these ‘oldies’ some splendid star-Wegies can be found – a whole lot more than just the champion-cats that have become so famous, like Pan’s Trull’s, Torvmyra's Grand Soltario or Frigg av Baune!


How about this stunner right here on your left, for instance? It’s “Mighty Claws Faramir av Gondor”, black tabby blotched and … Fee’s Swedish greatgrandfather! I’m no real expert of course, but I find him absolutely magnificent!


Having started my search with Fee’s pedigree, I did actually succeed in reaching the first-generation cats: novices like Tussi, King, Luci, Timotei and Raggen!


And… a word to the wise is enough to understand that, having completed all lines of Fee's pedigree, I accomplished the same investigation on the pedigrees of my other cats.

My project is finished now and has presently become the largest part of my Internet site.




N.B.: I’ll be most happy to receive whatever suggestions you, as a visitor, may have on my pedigree project:

  • in respect to finding missing photo’s, or perhaps even for pictures in your possession…!;

  • any additions or corrections concerning the data on the pedigree(s);

  • any mistakes I made in the construction of the pedigree pages, especially with all the links to jump pages.


Thank you so much for that in advance!!!










  II.  Help - how to navigate through the pedigree pages



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