As long as I can remember I have been fond of animals, especially of cats. Being a small child of four I already started pleading my parents for a cat and it worked: a little kitten came to live with us, a nightblack one! After this one three other cats succeeded one another and so I have litterally grown up with a cat as a friend and a cuddly toy in our home. Later, as soon as I had my own ‘household’, I immediately chose to have a kitty to live with me in my house, of course.



Jasper & Jolijn


Years ago I already had my first close encounter with a Norwegian Forest Cat at a large cat show and I fell for its splendid `looks’ right away; from that moment I knew that some day I wanted to be the proud owner of such a beautiful cat. But, as things usually go: not long after that two sweet ordinary little housekittens crossed my path, little brother and sister from the same litter. Because I have always assumed housecats to be just as sweet and sociable as breed ones, I fell in love with these two small furry balls. My Jasper and Jolijn turned out to be little sweathearts and for the next twelve years they have been my best companions and I was very happy with them.

When both had died, Jolijntje in the summer of 2005, I didn’t just feel terribly sad, but my house was very empty also and coming home was no longer as pleasant as when a small kittygirl was waiting for me.




By then I didn’t need much time to decide that this was the perfect moment to realise my old desire: a real Norwegian Forest cat, with pedigree and all! After an extensive search on the Internet I decided for a cream male: the colour is superb and tomcats are so sweet and, moreover, Norwegian tomcats will grow to such an impressive size!



The first cattery, with which I got contact by means of the Internet, did not only have a splendid creamcoloured little male, but also appeared to be warmly willing to provide me with all the useful and necessary information on the breed, the character, the care, the food, etc., etc., etc. and they are still doing so with whatever questions or uncertainties that I may have, which is so important when you want to raise your Wegie properly.

Due to circumstances this kitten unfortunately could not be sold to me, so I continued my search and a number of weeks later another beautiful little cream Norwegian Forest male came to live with me. I so much enjoyed my little furry friend!  Flynn was the most cheerful, sociable, bold, cuddly, curious and friendly cat that I have ever experienced!



But all of a sudden I appeared to have created a new problem for myself, because - which I did not know up to that moment: - one solitary Forest Cat will feel lonely and not happy at all: my small Flynn considered me to be very nice and though he always was in the mood for a quick cuddle, a bold two-legged human can never really compensate for the lack of a nice, furry and four-legged mate of his own type. Gradually Flynn became more and more depressed, and so I needed to hurry up to find an appropriate kittyfriend for him.








After a short time already I was lucky to find a gorgious little Wegie-female in a German cattery and she happened to be ready and willing to accompany me straightaway to the Dutch flat-country!



My beautiful ‘oriental foreigner’ bears the name of a fairy princesse, Fealivrin, and she is a princesse in every respect: she looks stunning (my opinion!), awesomely sweet and cuddly and she appears to be a real catlady: she looks after herself so neatly!




Fee is not a lap-cat, but she does visit me regularly for a quick cuddle in such a sweet and disarming way, that it largely compensates her lack of interest for lapsitting!

And yes, once this sweet little ladycat wandered around in my house, the decision of wanting the experience of a litter was made easily… With that the plan for my cattery was born. And I couldn’t help but reluctantly recognise the fact that only one diagnosis could be put on my situation: contagion with the Wegievirus…!        



So, in January 2006 I launched my cattery - after (again) an extensive research ☺ for a nice and appropriate name. And this is how it all began with:


“Cattery Bragalund”.







      for the ‘rules of the house’ of cattery Bragalund click HERE